Astrophotography - Jeremiah Sorrells
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Oxbow Bend

What an awesome summer of Milky Way chasing its been for me, I’ve made some great new friends and covered a ton of ground. There’s only a month or so left this far north to capture the core before she slumbers for the winter, I will be getting out at least a couple more times in hopes to get a few more goodies to stock pile for a long winter of editing. I snagged this image last new moon in Grand Teton National Park. Battling severe smoke and solar wind (the green airglow) you see in the image, but I couldn’t pass up this reflection shot. Here you see Mars on the left and a bit of the core is muddled behind the smoke but I kind of like the effect it gave. Being in bear country at night definitely gives it more of an adventurous edge, luckily we had protection but I don’t recommend going to these places at night alone without bear spray or a firearm.

Grand Teton National ParkOxbow BendMilky Way Core