Astrophotography - Jeremiah Sorrells
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Helix Nebula

Im stoked to have finished up my first narrowband image taken right here in my driveway in Boise.

Narrowband imaging is classed as using filters that only allow a very narrow band width of light through them, in this case the Hydrogen alpha that I collected is assigned to the red channel and the Oxygen iii that I collected is represented by the green and blue channels. Using these filters blocks out light pollution and allows me to image faint nebulae from town and while the moon is out.

The Helix Nebula was created at the end of the life of a star similar to the Sun, when the star evolved into a red giant and shed its outer layers. The star’s outer gasses, expelled into space, are lit by the remnant central core of the star, which will become a white dwarf when it cools down.