Astrophotography - Jeremiah Sorrells
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Bonneville Salt Flats

Last weekend on my way to the Southwest I stopped at The Bonneville Salt Flats to check it out and spend some time shooting the stars and battling light pollution from Wendover. Having never been here I pulled on to the lake bed around midnight like I owned the place I had no clue that it’s not a hard packed racing slick but more like a muddy marshy bog with a crust of salt over the top. I drove around throwing a rooster tail of salt from my truck for a bit until I settled on this fairly untouched foreground. I hung out on the marsh for a few hours shooting the sky it was when I left that things got interesting it was 3am and my truck was having a hell of a time driving in the stuff my tires were tread less racing slicks my wheel wells were full of salt and slowing down the tires and I was in 4 wheel drive going 10 miles an hour pedal to the floor and about to overheat, after doing a zig-zag pattern across the flats I finally found some harder packed salt to finish my escape on. The next day when I’m telling a story to a friend I find out that people get stuck out there all the time and “Salt Flats” towing makes a killing out there. Apparently they’re worried about the flats turning back into the lake due to a raising water table, anyway if you go use caution. It is pretty cool out there though

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