Landscapes - Jeremiah Sorrells
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4th of July at Netarts Bay OR

I had a spectacular 4th of July at the Oregon Coast. Spent some great time alone exploring and doing whatever I wanted, its amazing to me how much more creative I am and how many opportunities the universe reveals when I’m not on someone else’s schedule or worried about what others are doing. For days prior I had been concerned where I was going to spend my 4th and with whom, finally midday on the 4th I knew I had to make my own plan or I wasn’t going to have a 4th as I was out of town hotel living for work. The coast was calling so I took off fully committed to going wherever my two feet took me. It’s such a liberating feeling to know that wherever you go is where you’re supposed to be and I learned a valuable lesson this Independence Day about being free to do my own thing and still trusting the universe has a great plan for me. Once I stumbled on to this scene in Oceanside Oregon I was very grateful that I had followed my feet and that the the plans I had worried about making all week were unfolding in front of me, all I had to do was show up. So many little life lessons revealed to me on this beach. Forever grateful!! .

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